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Ancient Treasure Escape

Do you have the skill to solve puzzles? Are you fond of searching for hidden treasures? Do you have an inquisitive bend of mind? Then this one is for you. Try out the Ancient Treasure Escape and escape from all tensions. The game revolves around finding ancient treasures and using these treasures to escape. The thrill never stops until you find your way out. Break free from your daily chores and start exploring the treasures and escape from boredom. This treasure hunt can be played by children and adults alike. At every stage, the game has an interesting twist that can take you closer to the goal. If you do not find a way out then, you will be trapped inside forever. Refresh your mind with Escape Games. Overcome simple puzzles and find your way out. Simple reasoning and attention can get you to the door. Come enjoy the fun!

The motive of this game is to find out the treasure of ancient period. Use Ancient skills to reveal the treasure. And escape from there. Make a fun. Good Luck.

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