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Escape from boulder house

The main motive of this game is to find the clues that are inside the boulder house and escape from it using them. You may also have to identify some hidden items that may house the clues that you will need for the escape. This Escape Games gives you a great feeling when you finish it. You have to search all over the garden to find come clues and the key to get into the house. Once you are inside the house, you have a lot of other clues that you have to crack in order to open the gate of the house from where you can do the final escape. You have to keep thinking as to where you can find the next clue and will surely be glued to the screen till you crack the mystery. Based on the amount of time that you take in order to complete this escape, you will get a score.

The motive of this game is to escape from the boulder house through finding few hidden items. Use better skills to reveal it. Have a fun. Good Luck.

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