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Escape To Cave

The Escape to Cave is not a puzzle game. The Smile Clicker game company has developed this game. In this game, the player has to note the colors, words, and the number to get the key. The motto is the player should be to escape from the forest and reach the caves. The developers have used simple objects like flowers, fruits, tools and elements to construct this game. As the player has to escape from the forest to caves, it also comes under the Escape Games category. If the player has previous experience or knowledge about the Escape games types, they can easily play without using the hint option. The hint option helps the players to watch a preview and gives details about how to play the game. There is a timer that records the total time the player is taking to complete the game. This game can be shared with your favorite networking sites.

The Motive of this game is escape to the cave from the forest. Use great skills. Have a fun. Good Luck.

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