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Jewellery shop escape game

This is a game that falls in the famous Escape Games category in the online. This game will be set up in a jewel shop background. The player will be locked in this shop, and it will be his work to find the way out from there by solving the various puzzles in the place. To make this play easy, the player has to imagine himself in the place and try to guess the places where the important articles shall be hidden in the shop. There will be two rooms in the game and the second room will have the exit door. Hence, the player has to find the right clues that will lead him to the final door. There will be many interesting puzzles in this game that will require logical knowledge to solve them. This game attracts many kids towards it due its interesting and entertaining character.

1.Imagine what all hidden places you can find in a Jewell shop 2.Click on suspicious Objects

Category: Escape Games

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