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Tourist Cottage Escape

The Tourist Cottage Escape Game is developed by the famous Escape Games studio. The player can play this game in the Smile Clicker website at free of cost. It is an interesting game where the player has to use his problem-solving and investigative skills to escape from the beautiful tourist cottage. This game is bit hard. If the player has experience in playing other Escape Games, he/she could easily solve in one to two minutes. There is a hint box to help the player follow and solve the game easily. This challenging game would be very exciting and thrilling, when played with friends and family member. The player can challenge their friends by checking who finishes the game first. There is a timer running in this game. The higher score will be given to the player who manages to solve the puzzles and completes the game first. The game revolves around number and color puzzles.

The motive of this game is to escape from the tourist cottage. Use colorful skills. Have a fun. Good Luck.

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